I work with clients who want to make changes to their lifestyle and create a wellness vision to incorporate health and activity into their lives.

This is especially true if you are suffering from chronic conditions such as, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Are on multiple medications and want to reduce the medications or not get anymore medications or illnesses, such as a heart condition. Are you sick and frustrated because nothing is working and are desperate to understand why?

You’ve had coaches, teachers, advisors, and a variety of mentors throughout your life, so why not seek out someone who can…

Has years of EXPERIENCE with weight loss and dieting (Diets Don’t Work)

Show you how to fuel your body through healthy foods

Help you to get a good nights sleep and wake up refreshed

Aid you in losing those extra few pounds that you’ve been stuck with

Most of all, you’ll be clear-headed and feel revitalized.

I want to help you change a lifetime of poor eating habits and replace them with a knowledge of a healthy lifestyle based on your individual body and it’s needs.

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      Rachelle coaches from a wealth of experiences that contribute to her thoughtful, understanding and insightful reflections. Her easy and accepting manner makes it easy for me to admit areas I am struggling with and want to change, no matter how embarrassed I may feel. Rachelle’s non-judgemental nature helps me discover new ways to look at my challenges and encourages me to continue experimenting with new techniques with the faith that I am moving closer to becoming my best self each week.

      Natalie G.