My Journey began on vacation in August 2014. While visiting friends in New Hampshire we discovered the Nutribullet. Our friends were on the paleo-diet and had purchased the Nutribullet to help eat all the veggies and fruits. They raved about it.

At the time I was interested in eating more whole foods and superfoods. Not to diet, just to eat healthy. I had sworn I would never diet again. I purchased the Nutribullet before heading home.

While reviewing all the recipes for the Nurtiblasts, I notice a 6 week eating plan. It seemed interesting as it fit with my type of diet, mainly vegetarian, and seemed to fit in with the new concepts of raw food I was learning at the time. I completed the 6 weeks and found my clothes were lose and people were saying I looked like I lost weight.

I love my Nutribullet I have have the 600, 900 and the Rx, which is my favorite. I highly recommend it. I have a Nurtiblast 6 days a week.