DNA Body Composition Blueprint

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Brand: Apeiron Array

A new year, a new you! Your day to day interactions from the foods you eat, air you breathe and thoughts you think, constantly inform your genome to light up or dye down. Have you ever wondered why one diet works for one person and not another? You may have tried diet after diet only to fail, because you didn't have the right information. The difference isn’t in the diet, it’s in your genes and how they respond to the foods you eat. Each person is unique. Your code contains the blueprint to support your individual expression of thriving health and wellbeing. Take control of your health and body composition, learn what makes your body light up, burn fat, and build muscle. Reach has shown that people who follow a diet based on their genetic blueprint lost 33% more weight and maintained more lean muscle mass.

This DNA Body Composition Blueprint is designed to give you the tools you need to lose weight, increase your energy and feel more in control of your health. This is not just an report, like so many other "weight lose DNA kits" on the market. This is the data and a practitioner to get you started in the right direction. To give you live actionable feedback that you can implement. A practitioner that has lost over 100lbs and changed their own body composition. The DNA Body Composition Blueprint includes valuable macro and micro nutrient information, body composition genetic data and implementation tips and hack you wont find anywhere else!

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