Expressive Origins

Have you or a family member struggled to lose weight despite years of dieting? Do you struggle with a chronic disease that won’t resolve? Are you reaching an age where menopause symptoms are affecting your lifestyle? Or do you just need a decent night’s sleep and less brain fog?

By combining breakthrough science in epigenetics with unique genetic blueprints, the authors in this book demonstrate how you can find the true path for you and your body toward health. With practical examples of how to take your health and longevity into your own hands, this book provides real-life stories of practitioners and clients who have changed their health, wellness, and longevity by applying precision health practices unique to their genetic blueprint.

Traditional approaches to weight loss, menopause, and other chronic health conditions will have us believe that a cookie-cutter approach will work and that we are all very much the same. The truth is: one size fits none.