Digesting Daily

A Christmas present (Fitbit Flex) my husband purchased for me 10 months ago, that by the way he hesitated in buying, has changed my life forever. Who knew one simple tool would make such a difference? Now don’t get me wrong, I have put in the work to get to this point, yet each day I feel like I am more in control of my weight than the scale.

For the first time I feel like I know what to do to see results on the scale. That’s not to say my body sometimes has other plans, but for the most part I have successfully lost weight week after week for the past 10 months.   I have made changes and adjustments along the way and of course there have been those pesky plateaus. This is weight-loss and believe me I have 34 years of experience. I have lost and gained weight, been on almost every diet, all of them I failed at….

Now I’m losing weight on my terms. The best part for me is I can eat what I want to eat (for the most part). That is to say, I eat cookies or chocolate almost every week…because I like cookies and chocolate and I don’t like powdered meal replacements.

I am diligent about logging the data (food and activity on my Fitbit dashboard) and stay within my calorie allowances for me. There is no packaged foods, no pre-planned menus, no horrible thing to eat….just real food and real life.

This is NOT a diet, this is a lifestyle change. This is NOT a high protein, low carb, etc, etc….This is real food, just modified based on your activity level and calorie need.

I am just a real person who’s had a real problem with her weight for most of her life. After so many unsuccessful attempts to change my weight and now feeling like I have found something that works for me and how I like to live. I wanted to share my journey as people always ask me, “How are you doing it?”

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