Three Old Secrets

Einstein said, the world we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far creates problems that we cannot solve at the level of thinking at which we created them.” We look for ways to change what we think we need to work on, lose weight, get more exercise and eat more fruits and vegetables. We try diet after diet, different exercise routines, but we lose momentum or go off track and end up giving up in a month’s time. Sound like a familiar story?

Perhaps the key, the old secret, is to work on your mindset. Perhaps you have even tried that too. But stay with me. Perhaps there is something you have over looked.

Your mindset is the main factor behind whether or not you’ll even stick to your goals. You can help your mindset adapt to new lifestyle changes in a variety of ways, but here are just a few that can help jump start it for you!

1. Positive Affirmations

It rings true that the more you tell yourself something, the sooner you’ll start to believe it. The same goes for positive affirmations; either telling yourself something over and over again or having someone else do it. It’s as simple as looking at yourself in the mirror and saying, “You’re going to finish all your work today,” or “You’re going to exercise for 30 minutes today and absolutely kill it!” Even go as far as putting a post-it up on the mirror with the affirmation so you can remember to say it to yourself.

It can go as far as more personal, in-depth affirmations, such as, “You are loved and you are worth it.” Sometimes hearing it from someone else is a huge help, and there’s plenty of videos like that on YouTube – simply search “Positive Affirmations” or “Positive Affirmations ASMR” and you’ll find tons of them! Peaceful affirmations will help you stay positive.

2. Meditation

You might feel a bit silly doing meditation the first time around, but it’s actually so good for you. Not only does it help you focus on breathing, but it also slows down your heart rate, helps you relax, and can prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

Did you know practicing meditation can help reduce stress and anxiety? One study found that nearly 1,300 adults from a meta-analysis found that meditation decreased their anxiety. Amazing, right?

I love practicing meditation! I practice daily. It does not have to be long, even 5 minutes will help ground you. There are several apps now like, Calm, Gaia or Headspace that offer a variety of guided meditations. It does not matter when you practice, whatever works for you. It is important to start to create that space and slow the thoughts down.

3. Start the Day with Gratitude

Wake up every day on the right side of the bed, so to speak. Thank whatever higher power you may believe in that you were able to wake up for one more morning and make the best of your day ahead. Maybe even plan your day in your head, ponder all the great things you’ll do. Think about how great you’ll feel after your day is finished and you can reward yourself with a good night’s sleep and wake up again tomorrow morning. This is technically a form of positive affirmation, and not only is it great for increasing your feeling of gratitude, but it also helps to keep yourself feeling regularly inspired.

Sometimes, being grateful for the small things, the air we breathe, the eyes we see with, being able to feel the wind on our skin or the fact we can move about can be profoundly powerful. It reminds us that we have a lot going for us. It centers us and keeps us focusing on what is important.

Practicing all of three of these can help ensure you’re clearing and making space. You have to let go to let something new in and move forward in the best way possible for your mind, body, and soul.

Thanks for reading……

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