Defying Gravity

I, like a lot of people, put a lot of emphasis on the number on the scale.  In fact, I am learning that I put too mcuh emphasis on it. The number you see on that crazy box is just the pull of gravity on your body. If you were on the moon, you would weigh 6 times less! So, if it’s not weight (the number on the scale) we want to watch, then what is it?

I have come to learn that body fat percentage (BFP) is the best measurement. I recommend, if you don’t have a scale that tells you your BFP, then go get one! I use the Fitbit Aria Smart Scale (you know I’m a fangirl 🙂 This tracks my weight and body fat percentage for me. Then it transfers the data to the dashboard and tells me the information I need to know, besides the pull of gravity (weight)

This past few months, weight loss has been quite slow and a bit of a rollercoaster. I was getting frustrated because my BMI (Body Mass Index) was still over 30, basically saying I was obese. Yet people would see me and say I looked like I was losing more weight. I would thank them and then be puzzled. I was working out a lot and I could see my body shape was changing. So what was happening?

Well, after analyzing the data for the past month, this is what I found. My weight was down .9 pounds. Now for most people like me, this is frustrating because the scale does not seem to be moving much for a month of work. But here is the rest of the story.  My lean muscle mass had increased by 6.8 pounds and my fat had decreased by an amazing 7.7 pounds! So in fact my body and I had done something fantastic and exchanged fat for muscle and that .9 that showed on the scale wasnt tell the true stoy. Moreover, all that new muscle will burn more fat in the course of time.

Now here’s the really great part, I am now at 25.7% body fat. This percentage is in the low end of acceptable range for women (25% – 31%), This amazed me because the BMI was still saying I was obese, but it does not account for all the muscle I have built up! My current weight doesn’t show how well off I am either. If I continue to eat right and work out, I am aiming to get to 24% body fat, this will be considered in the fitness range.  For me, this is amazing! So you see, weight isn’t the be all end all … you have to look at the bigger picture!

So next time you get on the scale, make sure it’s a smart one that can tell you the whole story, not just part of it. I love technology…it’s given me a tools to finally take control of my fitness in a simple way!